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Creativity is our DNA

Once we decide to code at night time,our reliance on Coffee and pauruti(Bread) ,hits us with an idea ,on which we start working to structure is something we like to call "Bread-And-Code". We are mostly working on ML ,NLP and AI.

Meet Our Team

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Sayan Mondol

CEO and Founder of Bread and Code | Web and Application Developer| AI and Machine Learning Engineer| Researcher @IEEE | Ex ThetaOne | Open Source Contributor | Co-founder Protesus | Research Developer at BRAIN Labs

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Somyajit Chakraborty

Researcher/Developer | Computational Mathematics | Computational Physics, Complex Networks, Cognitive Science, Natural Language Processing | Project Manager and CTO @ Bread and Code, and Lead Researcher at BRAIN Labs

Let's do more togetherly

While we're busy on development, there are simpler ways for us to get in touch and answer your questions.

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