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Working on Natural Language Processing and Mechine Learning
We are ready to undergo any kind of OSS Development

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Once we decide to code at night time,our reliance on Coffee and pauruti(Bread) ,hits us with an idea ,on which we start working to structure is something we like to call "Bread-And-Code". We mostly work on ML ,NLP and AI.

From AI to Natural Language Processing, From Quantum Computing to Genetic Algorithm Designs, From OSS contribution to Prdictive Analysis, unravel all the mystries of Cyber-Space with us, Introducing Bread and Code

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Application Desinging

Bread and Code's most important job is to develop both Client-side and Server-side application softwares. We create our own softwares but we are also open to Freelancing

Identity Analysis

We are also researching in Data Preotection, Image Recoginition, Computer Vision.

NLP Application

One of our major areas of research is Natural Language Processing, we have developed NLP libraries and Several projects

OSS Connection

We believe in the power of Open Source Softwares! so join us by contributing.

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While we're busy on development, there are simpler ways for us to get in touch and answer your questions.

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